If you have a loved one who you believe needs a guardianship, MHANI is happy to help you. It is preferred that a member of the family become an individual’s guardian, but if that is not possible, MHANI can become the guardian of your loved one if they meet the criteria for guardianship.

If you know someone who possibly needs a guardian, please call our office at (260) 422-6441 or email info@mhanortheastindiana.org to discuss the referral process prior to filling out the referral form. We will help you decide if your loved one meets criteria for guardianship, or if there are alternatives to guardianship that may be more appropriate.

MHANI will do a face-to-face intake prior to contacting the legal team about guardianship. The turnaround time for a court hearing is typically 8-12 weeks if there is not an emergency need for guardianship.

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