Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana’s guardians are held to a high ethical standard, and many are nationally certified. To become nationally certified, guardians must pass a rigorous exam administered by the Center for Guardianship Certification which covers a range of core competencies identified as necessary within the role of guardian.

Nationally certified guardians (NCG) must adhere to the NGA’s Standards of Practice. The full Standards can be read here and cover the various relationships a guardian must navigate, decision-making as a guardian, and the duties and responsibilities of a guardian.


Our guardians are proud to uphold a high degree of ethical standards to ensure our clients receive the best possible care. By providing person-centered care, our guardians keep their clients’ best interests in mind.

Joseph Blazier, B.S., NCG

Director of Guardianship Services

KaShay Bowens

Professional Guardian

Darah Herron

Professional Guardian

Nancy Sallot, NCG

Professional Guardian

Ashli Wilt

Professional Guardian